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Auto Viona LLC
1914 E US 70 Hwy
Durham, NC 27703

(919) 321-8186


Sheba McMillan (FACEBOOK)

"Thanks Armin and Auto Viona LLC I'm really loving my car and I really appreciate the service that I was giving. I didnt spend all day in an office going back and forth everything was done in a nice smooth manner i really appreciate you valuing my time.Armin you are definitely one of a kind. Thanks again for everything."

Grace Itchon

"The owner is very helpful and accommodating. I felt more welcomed there than any of the bigger places. Would definitely go back."

Melody Collins (Facebook)

"Armin provided great service and he was very informative. He didn't pressure us into buying anything and answered any questions we had to the best of his knowledge. His attentiveness and understanding made the process simple and smooth. We appreciate Auto Viona helping us out!"😊

Nia Galas (FACEBOOK)

"Really great service, very easy going and pleasant experience. I finally found exactly what I was looking for at a great price."

James Parker

"Armin was a very professional businessman!!! He made my experience the easiest I have ever dealt with, buying a car. He handled everything before my two hour drive to pick It up. When I arrived he had me all set and ready to go in one super awesome car!!! I can’t say enough about how my experience was dealing with Auto Viona and Armin Mousavi. I would highly recommend sending anyone his way. In the future, anyone looking for a car will have his name and card handed to them. I love my car. I’ve spent 5-8 hours at dealerships before. I was there test drove it, went in signed the paperwork and was out in a half hour. He helped me through the whole process in between working a lot of hours at my job and made it the most pleasant experience ever!! Now everyone’s head turns as I ride by. He sold me a car that is unbelievable and it gets a lot of attention. People are stopping me everywhere I go talking about it. My kids are blown away and my 18 month old son cried when he had to get out of it because he thinks it’s a (vroom vroom) race car 😁"

Valeria Criollo (FACEBOOK)

"Very amazing experience. Very reliable and fare!

I recommend it! 5 stars"

Kay Mclachlan

"I had a great experience at Auto Viona. Armin was easy going and not pushy at all. I received the car that I came for and the process was just about flawless. I am definitely recommending them for your used car needs."

Justin Johnston

"We were treated very well and all of our questions were answered quickly, we will definitely be coming back for our next vehicle."

Lew Iacovelli (Facebook Review)

"Unbelievable service, friendly, knowledgeable would definitely do business with Armin again. Great deal on a great vehicle and very generous on our trade! Can’t say enough positive things about the experience!!!!!"

Trevor Keeney

"We got to see....My mom, (Alyssa Rollins)My Wife’s Mom. My Wife’s Grandma my Grandma. Uncles Aunts Nieces and Nephews! Tons of friends,good food and great times!
967 miles and 4 states! (North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio!)That’s how far we went for thanksgiving because Armin was able to get us in the Vehicle we wanted! And we had the peace of mind of the 2 year 24;000 mile warranty for the entire trip! I really appreciate the way this place does business. Please call them if you want to have a good car buying experience!
We are already planning our first beach trip!!!"

Mike L

"I had a very good experience with Auto Viona. Responses occurred within half-a-day and were done professionally via e-mail or phone. I felt welcomed at the dealership: I was able to take my time to inspect the car, test drive it, ask questions about minor parts that needed to be replaced (and they were!), read documentation, and work on a fair payment plan.

Auto Viona knew a lot about the cars on the lot and provided background on the services that the business provides (e.g., has cars that pass inspection). Also there were encouraging things to reduce stress that made the process easier than other dealers. The representative asked if I wanted to take the car to a mechanic and go with him, and I was supported in taking my time to read documents.

I did buy the car! I am also someone who takes their time to make purchases and research online well before a major purchase. I felt the process was transparent with information, which made me comfortable in buying the car. Also after driving it around, there are no mechanical issues and things are going as I expected the car to be."

Jhaunell Gulledge

"Armin is the best!!! He was so professional honest and helpful!!! My husband and I love this Jeep!!! Thanks for your diligence Auto Vionna definitely recommend👍👍"

Karen Emilynn Vargas

"Armin was such a great help answer every question when above and beyond to make sure everything was good with the car great service definitely recommend this place thank you again Armin for your help."

Richard Hayes (Facebook)

"Great guy awesome place to buy a nice vehicle I will recommend everyone I know thanks for the beautiful Lexus"

Sonic the Hedgehog

"Helped my son purchase his first vehicle here, Armin could not have been nicer! We had a great experience here and will return when we need another one!"

Joseph Rollins

"I recently purchased a Kia Optima here. It was the best car buying experience I've had in 20 years. Staff was friendly and professional. There was no pressure. The were honest and up front about every vehicle. No gamesmanship. Not even the classic bait and switch. You know, When they tell you one thing and when you get to dealership its something else. Every question was I posed was answered without delay. The car selection was good especially considering its not a large dealership. Their website was great. Easy to navigate and a car fax report was attached to each vehicle. Click on the car and the the details and Carfax report immediately pop up. Big dealerships could learn a lot from places like Auto Viona. I highly recommend this business. Rare to find quality cars and quality people."

SG Nas

"Great genuine service. Dealer worked with me while purchasing Infiniti g35x. Gladly showed me all the carfax and met me at a mechanic shop to assure the car was in good condition. Very well ran business. Highly recommended."

Heather P. McPherson

"Small, stylish dealership with nice, super clean, good looking vehicles at quite affordable prices. The dealer was patient, very knowledgeable about each car, didn't rush us, showed us the Car Fax of the Mazada we liked, went over it in detail, handles all the DMV paperwork, cozy place with free water, restrooms and wheel chair accessible. Got a discount for paying in full and got an awesome deal and great car. I would recommend them to anyone looking a nice quality, clean, gently used car!!"

Dakita McCullers

"Great service and I purchased a very beutiful Honda Accoord. The best car I ever had. Highly recommended them, and Armin is great to do business with. He gets the job done!"